Doodle in the Air

Apr. 2016


This project is a tool aimming to enable the user to draw a 3D virtual sculpture by Microsoft Kinect 1414 tracking right hand. In the tracking process, the trajectory of the movement of right hand will be saved in an arraylist. And many nodes will be generated along the trajectory through the movement. If the two nodes are close enough, a line will be drawn to connect these node. Besides, the thickness of the trajectory is decided by the speed of the movement. If the velocity is slow, there will be more nodes generated randomly around the hand with the range increaing slowly, result in a thicker effect.

Advisor: George Legrady

Tools: Processing(Java), Microsoft Kinect 1414

The red skeleton is a built-in fuctionality of Kinect. I set a sphere in the virtual 3D space as an virtual button to turn the drawing functionality on (gray) and off (white). Also, this sphere is used as a reference substance during the drawing. Until the task is completed, there will always be a red dot representing right hand in the screen also used as reference substance.

The last image is drawn by Professor George Legrady using this tool.

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