Supermarket System Design

Nov. 2014


As supermarket plays an important role in urban lives, researching existing problems generated from customer's purchasing behavior in the supermarket became a meaningful topic our group decided to work on. In this project, our goal is to improve the shopping experience in the supermarket by building a new system that connects the user and the products. This project is the final assignment of Product Development Design Course.

Team: Fang Zhou, Meng Chen, Linran Ruan, Junxiang Yao, Jing Zhu

Role: Responsible for storyboard drawing. Participated in all the user centered design process.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator

Analizing Data

After several times of on-site visiting and interviewing, we summerized the main tasks costomers will go through to purchase commondities in supermarkets. And for each tasks, we summerized several pain points and chose important ones in the persona afterwards.


Analyzing System

For gaining a better understanding of supermarket system, we drew the whole network of the current supermarket system which include not only the procedure of cutomers searching for information, shopping, paying and parking, but also the management part which include the building of the whole information network and transportation of the products. What we were trying to do here is to see how each module in the network connects with each other and the best module we should work on.

We set out all the elements in the supermarket system and placed them on the different position according to how important they are and how they related to the user and service provider in the chart.



System Map


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