Nanjing Breakfast Packing Design

May. 2014


Nanjing Breakfast Package Design Project is a Students Research Training (SRT) Project organized by Nanjing Agricultural University. In this SRT project, we established a new series of breakfast packages which aims to feature Nanjing’s cultural environment and to solve several problems which still exist during the process of using the current Nanjing breakfast packages.

Advisor: Nian Wang

Team: Yue Shan, Sitong Wang, Junxiang Yao, Siqing Zhu

Role: Responsible for branding and cultural research. Participated in logo design and structure sketching.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator


In most cities of China, because of the development of cities (they all have tall buildings, rushed pedestrians and heavy traffic), the characteristics of a city is missing. There is little differences between the packages of breakfast whereas, fortunately, the kinds of the dishes for breakfast is different from one area to another. Thus, it could be meaningful to design a brand of packages which enables the users to identify the cultural environment of the city, especially a city like Nanjing , a city with a long history and a unique cultural vein.


We made both online and physical questionaire surveys and interviewed several users. After summerizing the result and analyzing the current products, our objectives are:
- Flexible and convenient to use.
- No harm in human body and environment.
- Express Nanjing’s characteristics.
- Encourage people to love the city more and develop a good habits.

Since I am responsible for branding and cultural research, I mainly focused on the last two objectives.


Below is the organized brain map I made after discussion with other teammates. We listed many probability which may inspire us to create something which can remind the users of Nanjing immediately while looking at it.

We chose the "Southern Dynasties" as the key elements in the branding of the package because after developing all the selections we noted, this historical notion has the most promising result. Nanjing used to be the capital of 10 Dynasties. But the notches marked by other empires was not as strong as those made by the four empires from Southern Dynasties. There are many places of interest, like Jiming Temple, which contribute to shaping the cultural envieonment of Nanjing, was built during that period. Also, Nanjing to the Southern Dynasties is just like London to the Britian today. It was the economical, political and religious center of the territory of Han nationality then. Besides, the pronunciation of those four Dynasties are very easy to remember because this phrase is just like Chengyu (Chinese idioms)——most of which consist of four characters.

The core concept of the branding

After analyzing other productions which express ideas from Chinese wisdom or Zen, we found that there is always an ancient aphorism used as the soul of the brand or products. And the designers would find a method to perform that idea or spirit and therefore form the characteristic of the brand subsequently.

At last we found a proverb which can represent our expects of our packing brilliantly.


"The whole day's work depends on a good start in the morning."

This proverb underscores the importance of morning since it is the time we plan for the whole day and trys to persuade others that everyone should treasure and make a use of time in the morning. We didn’t find a sentence from a poem or a prose possessing a high literary value or containing an abstruse philosophy. We prefer this sentence for it is so popular in China that it could be found in every Chinese textbook in primary school. For the same reason, the fact that we learnt it when we were kids as a commonsense, however, lead us more likely to ignore the simple wisdom in it.

Combine the conception & the meanings and pronunciations of words

The phrase "颂其良晨" is sharing the same pronunciation (Song Qi Liang Chen) with the names of Southern Dynasties, "宋齐梁陈"。 And "颂其良晨" can convey the spirit produced by the core conception “一日之计在于晨”. As illustrated above, the phrase "颂其良晨" could be literally translated into "Praise the fine morning". It is a benediction which expresses the good wishes to the users to enjoy their morning hours and to have a good day.


While actually feeling and designing the logo, we realized that there are some defects to rethink. Apart from that the structures of the four characters are not accordant enough, the exact phrase may confuse the users. It can be a little sophisticated to identify the somewhat indirect connection between "颂其良晨" and Nanjing. As a result, we amended our brand.

Sacrificing the rhetorical atmosphere created by our former brand and enhancing the connection between the logo and the city is necessary, since the package of breakfast should be adapted by the great majority. And we can still make the logo more related to Nanjing while maintaining the core conception since we didn’t change the translated text below. Also, a unified structures of the Chinese characters which are accordant up and down structures will be more visually pleasant. In addition, the previous pronunciation was maintained since this historical element is a good way express the context of Nanjing.


We selected a draft logo as our final logo, which containing a half of a steaming hot bowl, a classical scene of Nanjing breakfast. We chose a dark color which is #c25726, for it can bring an age-old feeling we want.

Package Design

We devided the classical Nanjing breakfast dishes into four groups according to their physical features. The package should be capable to carry them all.

In order to explore the potential structure for our package, we fold many papers and analyze the practicability of them. And after considering all the selections from the sketches, we chose a simple one as we expected.

The final package is quite simple that not only the customer can use it more convenient, but the seller also can deposit it easily since it is just a piece of Kraft while unfolding. Besides, this plan is able to carry both liquid and solid attribute to its structure. As for the pattern on the package which ought to be compatible with our logo, we concluded that symbolized Nanjing-style constructions would be appropriate since this type of building (Hui style horsehead wall) is playing a important role in forming the outline of the city.

In terms of the material, we chose Kraft since it is firm, tenacious, low cost and environment friendly.

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