May. 2016


Luminaria is a site-specific interactive installation at the Anisq’Oyo Park Bridge in Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, which aims to provide a safer environment through illumination. This collaborative project was developed by students and faculty of the Art122PC (Advanced Digital Topics: Physical Computing) class in the Department of Art, UCSB.

Faculty: Muhammad Hafiz Wan Rosli

Name of Artist: David Aleman, Hsin Hsuan Chen, Chris Hoang, Intae Hwang, Xindi Kang, Lu Liu, Wen Liu, Brenda Morales, Andrew Piepenbrink, PJ Powers, Rebecca Prieto, Annika Tan, Leonardo Vargas, Muhammad Hafiz Wan Rosli, Carmen Wen, Junxiang Yao

Exhibition: LightWorks Isla Vista 2016, CA

Visualizing Time Oriented Data
in Virtual Reality
In Progress / Processing / Unity / Oculus
Event Poster Design End of Year Show 2017 / MAT UCSB
Flocking around Water Augmented Virtuality / C++ / AlloSphere
Tourism Navigation Device
for Qinhuai, Nanjing
UI Design / Product Design / Prototype / Cultual Research
Star Wars Nebula Virtual Sculpture / Processing / MySQL / SPL Database
AR Navigation App Augmented Reality / Android / OpenGL ES / Vuforia / UI Design
Art & Design Distribution Virtual Sculpture / Processing / Behance API
Reading Preference
about Sports
Processing / MySQL / SPL Database
Supermarket System
UX Research / User Centered Design
All-set App UI Design / Prototype
Nanjing Breakfast
Branding / Cultual Research / Student Research Training
Luminaria Physical Computing / Arduino (Electronics)
Doodle in the Air Virtual Sculpture / Processing / Kinect