Constellation Mirror
Cluster Mirror

Jun. 2016


Constellaion Mirror and Cluster Mirror are two phases of a motion tracking project using Microsoft Kinect 1414 sensor and written in Processing. In this project, I focused on the formation and the deformation of informaiton. Inspired by artist Daniel Rozin, when the Kinect sensor captured a person moving around, the scene projected on the wall will respond like a modefied mirror. Digital pixels which computer used to portray the scene captured by webcam now becomes moving dots like resident living in the 2D plane. When a viewer appear in this plane, which means captured by the Kinect sensor, the moving dots will respond and interact with the viewer. Box2D library and blob detection algorism were implemented in both projects.

Advisor: George Legrady

Tools: Processing(Java), Microsoft Kinect 1414

Constellation Mirror

When the Kinect sensor didn't detect anything within 2.5 meter, the round particals will keep moving with no apparent pattern but bouncing away when collision occurs. But when the Kinect sensor captured a viewer, which was me in the pictures above, those particals will divided into two groups, one group moving inside the figure of the viewer, forming a constellation-like effect, and the other one will move away. And if the viewer walks away, the brighter particals will follow the viewer whereas the darker particles will keep moving away until the Kinect sensor cannot tracking the viewer any more.

Cluster Mirror

Like the Constellation Mirror, when the viewer didn't detect by the Kinect sensor, the round dots will keep moving around. But this time these dots were not divided into two groups according to their color. When the Kinect sensor captured a viewer, those particals will forming a cluster and find the viewer to reflect the figure of the viewer like a mirror. The particals will follow if the viewer move around within the detectable range of the Kinect sensor. After the viewer moving out of the range, the cluster will be resolved into individual dots.

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