All-set App Design

Oct. 2014


Many modern people are suffering from the pressure generated from different kinds of business in daily life. Dealing with too much pressure can undermine both physical and mental health. When leaving home or office, people need to make sure everything in the house is all set, and many people tend to check those things over and over again only to gain the cirtainty to leave the place. After actually leaving the place, they might still worry about whether everything is settled or not. People always complain that these behaviors are a waste of time and energy, sometimes may even leads to obsessive-compulsive behavior, which cannot be getten rid of easily. This project aims to provide the cirtainty the user need after leaving his/her home and office.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects




1.Slide the door bolt
The bolt is a symbol of safe and sound. After we sliding the bolt, the door will be locked, and we can rest safely. To enhance the certainty when the users checking their items, in this app, I used the bolt to convey the meaning -- this task is finished and the item is settled, there is no need to worry about it.

2.Checking process
The check mark on the box in check list aims to give people the sense of finishing. While they finising the tasks on the list, the check list is also showing them what they have checked and which still not. Besides, for checked items, the colored backround of that button will disappear, showing that this button is not functional any more. The circular background of the button is a sign implying this item has not been checked yet.


The wireframe for the workflow of All-set app can be divided in 2 main parts, office and home, each part contains the edit function which enables the users to manage the items for needs.

Operation Mode Detail

User Editing Mode Detail


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